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A second day in Valentina’s childhood

Childhood is one of our favorite subjects to photograph. Children are spontaneous and you just need to follow them to discover different and imaginary worlds that we don’t usually see by ourselves. Valentina’s family has a long history with boats; they lived in a boat before moving to Vancouver and as soon as they got here they bought a sailing boat; a shared passion within the family.

We photographed Valentina when she was only two years old (you can view the session here), and coincidentally we met them again now in Canada for one more day in childhood!

The idea of our childhood photography sessions is to have a few hours or a day with the child. We like to let them guide us through their true childhood moments.

Valentina spends most of her time at the family’s boat, she likes to climb, sing meirmaid songs on the boat roof, and go to the beach in the afternoons.